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Welcome to the website of trademark ROSA, a producer of the best confectionery products in Ukraine.

We have won the trust of customers who have tasted a wide range of our confectionery products.

For several years, a small confectionery factory has turned into a modern production enterprise that employs dozens of professional confectioners. 

Starting with several types of pastries, we have become a manufacturer of more than 50 types of confectionery products.  

Our company carries out wholesale deliveries of confectionary products across the country. To meet the increasing expectations of our customers, the company constantly works on the production of new, custom sweets. 

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High product quality is achieved with the unique recipes, improved throughout the years of practice, and the use of advanced production technologies. 

The products of our confectionery factory can be ordered by going to the page of any product and clicking the "Order" button. As soon as we receive your request, we will call you back promptly and take your order for any required amount of products.   

Pastries of the confectionery factory taste same as the home-made one. 

Your customers will definitely love it.   

The confectionery factory produces the following products: 

  • Cakes - Pastries - Layered pastries - Swiss rolls - Biscuits - Cupcakes - Crisps - Puddings with various stuffings - Pies - Bagels - Croissants - Tarts-Pakhlava - Other sweets

We invite dealers and wholesalers of confectionery products to cooperate.  

We are ready to offer sufficient capacity for the completion of large orders, as well as constantly high quality of production. Contact our managers via phone or E-mail.   

We will be glad to answer all your questions!