Cake "Snickers"

Gentle sponge layers complement butter cream whipped with condensed milk "Iriska", airy meringue layer, peanuts and chocolate icing.

Shelf life: 10 days.

Ingredients: Straight white wheat flour, cake margarine, melange, sugar, dry egg protein, salt, lemon acid, boiled condensed milk, peanuts, chocolate icing.

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How much is delivery and how do I get it?
Free – if you take away the order at any of our stores.

The possibility of wholesale delivery from the warehouse should be checked with the Manager. 

How do I pay for ordered products?

  1. You can pay for ordered goods at any of our stores.
  2. You cannot pay in cash for wholesale deliveries, only via bank transfer. Contact the Manager for details.
  3. If an exclusive item is ordered, the prepayment is 50% of the cost. Check production time with Store Assistant or Manager. 

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